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You can't un-bake the cookie...

My 11 year old goes by the nickname "The Little Chef". She loves to cook and is quite good at it. As she made some of her famous Monster Cookies one evening she became concerned that they might burn. I reminded her that I always preferred my cookies a little on the soft and chewy side so if we took them out early there was little risk. And, I added, we can always stick them back in the oven if necessary. She thought about that and wisely responded, "Yep, you can't un-bake the cookie."

Aren't there a lot of cookies in our life we would like to un-bake? Comments we have made that hurt others? Money we have spent? Choices from our past? While grace and forgiveness can restore our relationships after our mistakes, the reality is that often we must live with consequences of those decisions. Burnt cookies.

I'm relieved because of those that have forgiven my stupid past decisions and behaviors. I'm incredibly grateful for opportunities that have allowed me to thrive even after bad choices. But, I have eaten a lot of burnt cookies too...

The idea makes me a little more careful. A little more aware. And a little more responsible. I am grateful I have grace and mercy to fall back on, but I will resolve, every day, to make sure I don't burn the cookies that count with the relationships that matter most.

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