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A few weeks ago my wife and I were on our daily walk. We put in a hard 5 mile walk and it gives us a great time to connect, talk through big issues in our lives, and sweat out the bad stuff. It's the best part of my day. On this particular day were crossing a small bridge near our home and noticed a woman with a concerned look on her face standing at the road's edge. She was searching for something but was unable to look to closely due to the passing cars.

We asked if she had lost something and she explained. A friend was on a bike ride earlier that afternoon and had a terrible crash. The bridge had been grooved to make it safer during winter icing and was rough and gravel covered. She had fallen hard and was in pretty bad shape. On top of her physical injuries the diamond from her engagement ring had been knocked from it's setting. Her friend had come to find it

It was clearly an impossible task...

As we moved to join her my wife threw up a prayer, "Lord, can you help us find this loose diamond." It was definitely a moment for prayer. Thirty yards of rough road and gravel did not bode well for finding a diamond. And yet... Walking about ten yards down the road I bent over and immediately spied the stone. It wasn't easy to see as it was face down and, as is often the case, not polished on the back. Yet there it lay, in the first place I looked.

God still worries about the little things in our lives. Perhaps he sees us a bit like that diamond, face down against the roughness of this world. And yet, he always knows where to find us to bring us home.

Our new friend hugged us with tears in her eyes, anxious to share the amazing news with her injured friend.

We walked a little lighter that day.

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