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Life by Checklist

We live in a checklist world.

Three Easy Steps to Lose Weight.
The 5 Things You Must Do to Improve Your Marriage!
The Steps to Dealing with a Difficult Boss


On the surface this makes sense. After all, we are busy people and providing us with concise and clear direction we can practice and experience effective behavior and wise thinking to get better results.

There is only one small problem. Where am I supposed to keep all of those checklists?

It's great when I come across something at a time where I really need it. I can take action and see a result. Ideally, as a consequence it will lead to a permanent shift in my behavior. Except when it doesn't...

There are other times when interesting information comes our way and doesn't intersect with a pressing need. We read it, value it, and promptly forget it.

Permanent and sustainable change happens when we have reason to rethink what we fundamentally believe about something in our lives. When that happens, the natural result is a shift in behavior that doesn't NEED a checklist. It becomes an innate response.


What is one significant change in your beliefs that has had a powerful impact on your behavior?

What areas of your life are you attempting to live by checklist, and getting frustrated by the effort?

Really winning...

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