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A life of adventure...

When was your last adventure? Your last real adventure?

Not just a trip. Perhaps it was taking a new risk, starting a new activity, or facing an old fear.

When we are children we are wired for adventure. Everyday is full of new opportunities and activities. Sometimes it was just climbing a tree or building a fort. Other days it was making a rope swing. What was important was that we weren't limited by what we thought we "should" do but by what we thought we "could" do.

Do you still live that way? Most people don't. We lead lives of self-protection and emptiness. We worry over mortgages and irrational fears. Don't eat red meat, be a vegetarian. Eat red meat or you'll become anemic.


Don't you ever want to just try something crazy and new? Push the envelope? Take a risk? Start a business? Write a book? Climb a mountain?

Or will another long day of work followed by dinner and a little TV still do it for you?

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